• Fiberglass Products

    Sanyou Dior is the professional manufacturer of Fiberglass Thermal products, an ideal insulation door seals for Household and Industrial Oven.

  • Rubber Products

    A variety of molded and extruded Rubber Seals for Rail vehicles, Automobiles, Home Appliances and other industries.

  • Thermal Protection Products

    Thermal Protection products are the best protection choice for Automotive Braking line, Fuel line, Cable assemblies and Wire Harness.

  • Vaccum Insulation Panels

    A new type of highly efficient thermal insulation material with extremely low Thermal Conductivity for the applications where need to be upgraded insulation performance.

  • Polyurethane Evacuated Panel

    A new generation of innovative products with a perfect apperance,high resistance of mechanical damage and outstanding thermal insulation.

  • Cool Box

    Temperature controlled packaging is an excellent solution for low temperature and cold chain logistics.

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    Fiberglass Products
    Rubber Products
    Thermal Protection Products
    Vaccum Insulation Panels
    Polyurethane Evacuated Panel
    Cool Box


    Sanyou Dior is the manufacturer for High Temperature Fiberglass products, Rubber products,
    Thermal Protection products, Vacuum Insulation Panels, Polyurethane Evacuated Panel and Cool Box,
    which applying in various applications and fields.
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